Architecture by Studio Viktor Sørless, 2016. Renders by bloomimages

The Movielight Museum

Hey, New York film lovers, another art house is on the scene. 

»I love you tenderly totally tragically.« This statement refers to the film “Contempt” by Jean-Luc Godard and is the slogan of a film enthusiast who wants to build a art house in the heart of Manhattan to express his lifelong devotion to film. The art house or "movielieght museum" is intended to be open to the public. It includes a theatre room and a collection of photos. The atrium is a meeting place for lectures and concerts. The building was designed to be built with adobe bricks.

Project: The Movielight Museum
Type: Cultural Institution
Architecture: Studio Viktor Sørless
Status: Idea
Year: 2016
Renderings: bloomimages, bloomrealities
Location: New York City

Viktor Sorless – Movielight Museum 03
Viktor Sorless – Movielight Museum 02