The Atrium Tower. Architecture by  Studio Viktor Sørless, 2017. Renders by bloomimages

The Atrium Tower

Yemen’s Old Walled City of Shibam is the oldest metropolis in the world to use vertical construction. The mud-brick high-rises, which stretch up to seven stories high, were constructed from the fertile soil surrounding the city. An inspiration for our Atrium Tower.

In the ATRIUM TOWER concept, we want to explore the idea of a high-rise building made entirely of adobe bricks, where each resident shares the comfort of a private garden, and combine it with the architectural type of the atrium, which symbolises an oasis of peace in a noisy environment. The structure, essential to any tower, is used as an expression of the building: it is the support, the container of the spaces, and also the façade that provides the thermal protection and intimacy necessary for the apartments. Sociologist Helmuth Berking defines density as "the extreme intensification of points of contact". We wanted to relieve the residents of city life and instead increase the density of contact points, which is normally only achieved by living in one's own home. In the ATRIUM TOWER, everyone has a garden, can enjoy the breeze and aerial views, control the amount of light with curtains, relax, dance, do yoga or dine with an impressive panoramic view.

Project: The Atrium Tower
Type: Residential Building
Architecture: Studio Viktor Sørless
Status: Competition
Year: 2016
Renderings: bloomimages, bloomrealities
Location: Urban context


 The Atrium Tower. Architecture by  Studio Viktor Sørless, 2017. Renders by bloomimages