STUDIO VIKTOR SØRLESS was founded in 2018. The studio focuses on earthen architecture, contributing to the global breakthrough in the use of earth as a natural building material, with the aim of replacing concrete as the most commonly used building material. Artistically, Studio Viktor Sørless focuses on the various aspects of physicality and the value of human interaction, for which architecture can only ever create the foundation. 

There is no substitute of being there.

Someone is present. A small sentence with a huge impact. The presence of bodies defines the way we speak, laugh, act and move in a place. Corporeality affects how we live and experience our lives. The individual can become another person by entering into a relation, a dialogue between two corporealities. That's why architecture should be the background for human activity, the experience of physicality and its limits, stimulating all the senses through interactions, light, a feeling of inside and outside and the poetic play of perception. In short, people should feel present. Because there is no substitute for being there.

Build with earth – not against it.

Building with earth has become a goal in our building practice. Concrete may be the foundation of modern life, taming time and the elements. But its production consumes a lot of energy. Concrete is rigid, making our blue and green environment increasingly grey. There is an ecological alternative: building with earth. That's why we're working on a paradigm shift in construction. 


Light is a story of shadows.

Light is a sculptural material that can influence or affect the medium of perception. Where there is light, there are shadows. Light is a history of shadows. This duality reflects the ambivalent nature of human existence. Sculpting light means showing and hiding, revealing and concealing. In this sense, transparency is inhuman because it removes all negativity. It is the pornographic use of light. 

Engineering metaphors.

The poetic quality of a place unfolds in its metaphorical charm. When we design, we try to remove all words from our minds and work with metaphorical images, leaving behind the semantic realm, which is something already understood. The image should arrive before the word. Then we apply the knowledge and theories of engineering to meet the standards of sustainability, the social context and the history of the place. Metaphors are models for making sense. Architecture is the way to build it.

Studio Viktor Sørless
We work on a breakthrough in using earth as a natural building material superseding concrete as a construction material »

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