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The DUNE HOUSE is an one-off contemporary house that is located on the edge of a coastline. The site enjoys un-obscured view across the outstanding beauty of the landscape. The client’s briefing – an absolute cineaste – involved to  build a sustainable and contemporary summer house that was inspired by the movie »The Ghostwriter« directed by Roman Polanski. You enter the house via the »Elevator Room« which functions as a vestibule and gallery. The cross-formed building is adjusted to the four cardinal directions north, south, east and west. Light, however, is used as the fifth cardinal direction in the building. The angle of light formed between the light/subject axis changes throughout the day and determine a cinematic mood and message. Curtains empower the shadowplay of the scene. But above that they are a medium for the element of wind. The philosopher Hermann Schmitz called wind in his lectures as half-thing (Halbding). »If wind is gone, we don’t know where it’s gone but we can feel the absence and presence on our bodies.« Half-things create atmospheres and give a sense of corporality.

Client: Private client, Residential building
Status: In progress
Year: 2017 – ongoing
Renderings: bloomimages
Location: Coastline in Denmark