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In the concept of the ATRIUM TOWER we want to explore the idea of a high-rise out of clay bricks where every inhabitant shares the comfort of a private garden and mix it with the architectural type of the atrium symbolizing an oasis of tranquillity in a surrounding of noise. The structure, essential for any tower, is used as the expression of the building: it is the support, the container of the spaces and also the façade, which creates the thermal protection and the intimacy necessary for the apartments. The sociologist Helmuth Berking elaborates density as »extreme enhancement of contact points«. We wanted to give the inhabitants a relief of the big city life and enhance instead the density of activity points that is normally only achieved by an own house. In the ATRIUM TOWER everybody has a garden, can enjoy wind and an aerial view, control the amount of light by curtains, have a rest, dance, practice yoga or eat within an impressive panorama view.

Status: Competition, Idea
Year: 2015
Renderings: bloomimages
Location: Brooklyn, New York City

Viktor Sorless - The Atrium Tower 02
Viktor Sorless - The Atrium Tower 03
Viktor Sorless - The Atrium Tower 01