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Building with earth materials have become a goal in the building of Studio Viktor Sørless in recent years. Concrete may be the foundation of modern life taming time and elements. But its manufacture consumes abundant energy. Concrete is rigid, turning our blue and green environment increasingly gray. There is an ecological alternative: building with earth.

Building with earth materials can be an important solution to solve our climate problems.

That’s why we work on a paradigm shift in construction. We research constantly around the world from Lakadh, India, Nyanza, Rwanda to Oaxaca, Mexico and speak with local artisans, architects and engineers how to use and specify earth building materials transforming valuable building heritage into modern and earthen architecture.

Project: Building with earth material, own research
Year: 2018 – ongoing
Photos: Trần Trung Toàn Thiện (Lakadh), Anton Spielmann (Rammed Earth Wall), Section Dune House
Location: Nyanza (Rwanda), Oaxaca (Mexico), Lakadh (India)